1. Is Excessive Masturbation Harmful ?

  • No, Not at All.

2. Does Masturbation at an Early age leads to sexual weakness?

  • No.

3. Is semen Vital ?

  • Semen is not vital at all except for inducing conception (PREGNANCY ).

4. Is thin Semen is an indicator of sexual weakness ?

  • No

5. What are sleep Emissions, Are they normal ?

  • Sleep Emissions or Nightfall is absolutely normal.

6. Why do men feel weak after Masturbation or sleep emissions ( Night Fall ) ?

  • Weakness after night fall and masturbation is totally psychological , loss of semen never causes weakness.

7. Is Low Sperm Count Causes Impotency ?

  • No, there are two different problems :-
  1. When a person is not able to perform intercourse properly it is called impotency.
  2. When a person is not able to produce a child it is called INFERTILITY. Low sperm count can cause INFERTILITY but  not Impotency.

8. What is Dhat ?

  • When a man passess whitish fluid from the penis while straining at stool,  it is called Dhat , But if a man has not visited any women other than his wife it is normal. But if he has visited any woman other than his wife and after that it started it is abnormal & Must be investigated & Treated properly.

9. Is Slight Curvature in penis is NORMAL ?

  • Yes, Slight Curvature in the penis is quite Normal.

10. What is the normal length of an erected penis?

the normal length of an erected penis should be at least 2 – 2 1/2 inch

11. What is G Spot?

G Spot or Grafenberg Spot is an area situated within 2 to 2/12 inch of the female vagina. G Spot is the area where there is a maximum potential for sexual arousal, if a man wants to arouse his partner sexually he should concentrate on this G SPOT Area.

12. At times just following an erection or watching Sexual Content or Videos one or two drops of sticky transparent fluid oozes out from the penis. Is this Normal?

Yes, This is absolutely Normal.

13. What are the main causes of Premature Ejaculation?

*Anxiety, Neurosis
* Sexual Inexperience
* Deterioration of Relationship between partners.
* Prolonged Abstinence in Sexual Intercourses
* Victimized By the Partner
* Unrealistic Expectation From Self Or Partner.
* Uncontrolled Diabetes
* Urinary Problems
* Excessive Use of certain allopathic medicines
* Prostatic enlargement